18 December 2011

i wrote this on 2 march 08

communing already

while the sky displays
progression quietly
our thoughts coincide
this moment is so full
of life we can only
believe it is endless

don't close your eyes
soon we'll be one with
the sky we will see the
world at rest we will
set our minds at ease

(on purpose)

only we are real here
as long as i can feel
you breathe i'll know
we're still alive

just let the stars take
their places in the sky
and fill our hearts with
all we need to know

hold me i will hold you
we will follow the light
through it all it is
endless perfection

13 November 2011

maybe i'll start doing this more

no title

it was the first
day everything i
believed became
real but looking
back on it it was
just a chemical reaction
no one is trying
but we all are
and for as long
as we are alive
we will all keep trying
0 zero 1 two seven 7