25 August 2009

is a task far more complex than was imagined

hold true to the linear concept

early morning stay
stay up all night
long sheep and stars
and the bottom has
fallen out of the
sky and rain drips
drips drips all
over the world and
people with without
umbrellas rush home
home home their
beds warmly waiting
to lie awake asleep
alive and the page
turns in book after
book and the story
is told and over now
when eyes close and
tell it over again in
our minds and each
ends differently and we
all have different
colored eyes that make
staying awake look
white and sleeping
red and blue and black
and if i can stay
awake asleep longer
no longer than a day
two days five days
when will this story
end or begin on the line
that divides us all
in space spaces real
reality my own two feet
have carried me this
far and how will they
carry me further now
that the streets are
wet and my skin is
covered in water and
ash and sunlight from
an ancient volcano
that i read about on
my first trip to sleep
in days days days awake

21 August 2009

changing the surface of the earth

again we were asleep

six months seventeen
days underwater
only rising to
the surface
to feel the warmth
of the sun
on our faces before
returning to the breathless
expanse of ocean
beneath us where there
exist no limits and no
boundaries to keep us
from losing ourselves
or one another

if only this lack of oxygen were real and possible

10 August 2009

green and blue and white


word after word
written until blank
spaces stretch into
oceans of sleeplessness
and open skies
the kind that make
stars brighter calmer
a world moon island
covered in white and
silence until continents
reconnect and oceans
surround us all waves
wash away every word
making us whole pure
and the earth will no
longer be scattered and
distance will be the
past tense of desire
hope lift our
voices with open hands

03 August 2009

sometimes people aren't the same people in our sleep

dreams of the legless

every time the wind
carries me
i hold on
i break my neck
circular motion