25 December 2008


it doesnt feel like home

looking down
too far to fall
up up up
too high to climb no
i am changed in the light
of the sun
i have a new name
a new face
my eyes are the eyes of the wind
and they have seen
the next step
but i do not understand it
a foothold made manifest
in the rock
a wave crashes
cold wet
higher and higher and higher
will i carry you
with me or will you
stay behind
the sun will show itself
as a heart sends blood through its body
fire and light and life
fill my belly my chest my brain
my arms and legs
constant upward
just as my blood is real
so is the promise
i will stand on mountains
on oceans eternal
where three once stood
still stand
stand always
our hearts will give life forever

22 December 2008

another set of words

the same voice

two bodies hanging above
dancing waters
its dances celebrations of lives
paralleled forever
each inhale a miracle
each exhale a step
closer to perfection
to change or stay the same
one i will do
the other you
a voice cries out
a voice quietly whispers
sink into the sea
cool this troubled mind
breaths held
time moves faster faster quieter quieter
silence stillness perfected
one answer for all
to follow
all answers for one
to follow
i believe the path is paved
in gold
who will walk with me into space and the sea

18 December 2008



closed eyes
why would you choose to cut off your arms
throw them to the sky
i wont be there to catch them i fear
but i will sing
the sounds of angel wings
a breeze a gust
yesterday i stood watching the sun rise over the sea
today its flames sink into the water
the warmth disappears with the light
but i will sing
the sounds of moons and stars
on rocks
in water
will i feel safe in anothers arms

12 December 2008

too many words to know

how i made my millions

the wind
you never knew you were here
but i knew
and i felt you on my skin
and i smelled the salty air
waves on rocks
time passing ten
wind i am alive
pull my mind from space
my heart beats clearly now
a change
your voice stays with me
i will sing your songs
i am the wind and you are the wind

11 December 2008

These are more words from my head.

the shushing sounds

i could stare at the sky forever and still would it come to me
night night night and stars over blue and white and rocks
reaching above my head toward a thunderous cloud
an answer
a step into the darkest place i've ever seen
i find more light here
the sun
i see right through my hands
my bones my blood
i felt the warmth
i closed the distance
will you be there with me when i come to the surface
an open ocean
breathe freely now
it's only a moment stuck in my brain
eternal now
will you be there with me at the end

02 December 2008

i just wrote what may be considered a poem


softly spoken whispers
felt inside my chest
believe me she said
certainly i will i said
and so i close my eyes
have i ever been alone
youre not dreaming she said
but this doesnt feel real i said
the twilight the wind the rain
sunlight mountains oceans
i will be here forever she said
how long is that i said
a warm touch a smile
oxygen floods the lungs
you have nothing to fear she said
every word you say is true i said
another whisper
another breath
on and on and on we said