23 December 2010

i go fly to the moon

we're all just one-winged birds

i know that even
if i yelled your
name no one would
believe you were real
no one would believe
you've been here the
whole time if i were
to hang myself in the
air above the trees
with the sky right
next to me and i could
see it all as it
was meant to be seen
i would see the future
and the past in a
straight line from
the sun to the moon
and even if you yelled
my name next to yours
i couldn't just leave
i'm just not ready
to go where i know
i'm going to go

19 November 2010

i was thinking that maybe...

never ends

im happier knowing
that one day
all the parts of
me that love you
most and all the
parts of you that
love me most will
almost certainly
be united in an
ocean or tree or
anything really
and when they do
i will sleep
soundly forever

25 July 2010

making sense of it i suppose

still a stranger though not for long

ive never heard you speak
ive only ever spoken to myself
and i lied told the truth
i hung my head
and felt the rain on the
back of my neck
but then i looked up
and i couldn't see a cloud
it was the sun in my eyes
and i decided that we started
that fire a long time
ago and we kept it alive
im keeping myself alive
its warm now im dry now
its the first time this
smiles been real
its the first time i was
happy with these hands
covered with earth and water

04 March 2010

the beadist thought these things

through air

i want to go outside
into the air and the night
to see stars and to breathe
release my thoughts into
the wind and stare
endlessly through time
i want to breathe in
continually the songs
that are made by the
sun and the moon surrounding
us from all sides until
we are one whole again

24 January 2010

this sentence is also incomplete.

eight-hundred twenty-one

if i am going to
cover miles and miles
with no trees
and only the wind and
the sun on my face then