10 June 2009

it just won't go away

...an island somewhere in the Indian Ocean

the words are
written on skin
they are escape
and full of
our bones accept
the waves and water
the sun warms
mind and heart
the sky is bigger
blue and empty
here we sing
with voices of wind
carried out to
and our voices stay with us forever
we have created
life and eternity
we have rid ourselves
of breath
awake always never to sleep again
our blood is light and air
our skin is the sun
our bones are the ocean
a tree grows in the middle of us all

07 June 2009

afternoon nap

places that we cannot breathe

dont let the wind blow
the sun set
the tides rise
i dont know why
just dont
neither dead nor alive
only together
everything forgiven
now our words
mean nothing
we hold on to one another
as we are swallowed
by something greater
it is living growing
not human (but it thinks and it feels)